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I cannot get my compass to calibrate.

Always calibrate the compass outside. Hold the compass level and away from objects that may generate magnetic fields, such as cars, buildings or overhead power lines. Starting from the main menu, select COMPASS>CALIBRATE. The compass screen will appear. Rotate the Handheld Device 2-3 times in all three dimensions. Rotate until the black indicators are as close as possible to the center of the green zone. if successful, your Handheld Device will beep and vibrate, as well as, display a message that says "CALIBRATION DATA HAS BEEN UPDATED SUCCESSFULLY."

If you do not receive this message, indicating successful calibration, continue to rotate the Handheld device until the black indicators are as close as possible to the green zone and press the Menu Selection Pad to continue. At prompt "DO YOU WANT TO CALIBRATE NEW DATA?" press the arrow keys to select YES. Your compass should now be calibrated. Press BACK to return to the main menu.

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