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The collar will not deliver stimulation or the tone doesn’t work.

  • Make sure the collar is turned on.
  • Make sure the collar is not in Safety Shutoff mode.
  • You can verify the Collar Receiver is delivering stimulation to your dog by placing the test light, enclosed in your kit, on the Collar Receiver. Please refer to the “Test Light Instructions” section for details.
  • Make sure the Collar Receiver’s Contact Points are placed snugly against your dog’s skin. Refer to “Fit the Collar Receiver” for more information. Place the receiver high on the dog’s neck, close to the ears. The fit should be snug, allowing 1 finger to fit between the end of contact point and the dog’s neck. You may need to trim the hair around your dog’s neck where the contact points touch the skin or switch to long contact points.
  • Test the batteries in the collar and transmitter.
  • Charge or replace the batteries.
  • If you train multiple dogs, make sure you have selected the correct dog on the transmitter.
  • Make sure you are pressing firmly in the center of the button.
  • Reset the collar.
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