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My dog is not responding when I press a button.

  • Check to see if the Collar Receiver has been turned on.
  • If your range has reduced from the first time you have used it, please check to see if the battery is low in either the Remote Transmitter or Collar Receiver. Many factors can impact the range you have. For a list of these factors, please refer to “System range.”
  • Make sure the stimulation is working correctly. See “The collar will not deliver stimulation” above.
  • Increase the Intensity Dial. Refer to “Find the Best Intensity Level for Your Dog” for more information.
  • Make sure the Collar Receiver’s Contact Points are placed snugly against your dog’s skin. Refer to “Fit the Collar Receiver” for more information.
  • If you notice your operating time dropping to about half the original time, your Collar Receiver battery needs to be replaced.
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