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Setting up the bark control collar

Set up collar:

  • Install Battery.
  • Place the battery in the collar receiver, aligning the arrow on the battery cap with the triangle symbol on the unit.
  • Using a coin or straight edge of your test light, turn the battery cap clockwise, aligning the arrow on the battery cap with the padlock symbol on the unit.

Test collar:

  • Turn the mode switch to TEST and hold the unit about 6-10 inches from your mouth with the LED light facing you.
  • Say “TEST” loudly into the sensor.
  • This should make the test light flash several times, indicating that the unit is working. (If the light does not flash, check all settings and the battery and retest.)

Observe Dog: During the first 2 days of training, do not use the training device on your dog without direct supervision.


  • Never use this product for aggressive dogs.
  • Never use this product for separation anxiety.
  • Make sure the pet is not wearing another collar while wearing this product.
  • Never attach a leash or lead to the strap.
  • Do not leave the unit on the pet for more than 8 hours in a 24-hour time period.


  • Check collar fit frequently.
  • Check contact points for tightness weekly.
  • Clean contact points with alcohol weekly.
  • Check the dog’s neck for any signs of redness and wash neck weekly.
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