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Support your dog’s health with Canine Athlete™.

Support your dog’s health with Canine Athlete™.

UNLEASH a Force of Nature

Day in and day out, your dog gives you 100%. To help him get the most out of all that effort, SportDOG Brand® has developed the Canine Athlete™ series. Choose from or mix these five proprietary formulas blended with the best-quality ingredients. Use one or all of these Canine Athlete supplements along with a high-quality dog food to support your dog's health, and spend more time in the field where you-- and your dog-- really want to be.

C9 Digestive Enzymes


C9 Digestive Enzymes #

  • Supports healthy digestion and digestive tract
  • Conserves energy
  • Contains 5 active/live enzymes, pre-biotic, and pro-biotic

C9 Senior Aches


C9 Senior Aches #

  • Promotes long-term health
  • Eases pain and stiffness in sore muscles and joints
  • For senior dogs

C9 Hip/Joint


C9 Hip/Joint #

  • Maintains healthy joints, cartilage, tendons, and synovial fluid
  • Helps the body repair after a challenging hunt
  • Prevents later health problems in aging dogs

C9 Performance Vitamins


C9 Performance Vitamins #

  • Supports physical and mental development
  • Maintains energy and stamina
  • Keeps your dog in peak condition year-round

All proprietary formulations are made with natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and human-quality nutraceuticals. They are designed to promote sporting dog health, decrease recovery time after rough hunts and create an overall better quality of life for sporting dogs.

Our Canine Athlete C9 Vitamins are formulated to combat the rigors of long days in the field, providing energy, stamina, and immunity so your dog can reach its full potential. The ingredients are carefully chosen to complement the high-quality diets typically fed to hard-working sporting dogs. 

This blend of essential vitamins and minerals contributes to peak physical condition, supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity, and maintains cardiovascular, immune, neurological, and muscular functions. These easy-to-serve wafers support a variety of metabolic functions, including the all-important senses of hearing, vision, and smell.

Our Canine Athlete C9 Hip/Joint formula even helps sporting dogs in their prime better handle the taxing effects of robust training sessions and hard hunting in challenging terrain.

These easy-to-serve wafers are recommended to support healthy hip and joint function, for dogs in their prime or dogs nearing hunting retirement. The special formulation of antioxidants further helps maintain metabolic efficiency and helps support strong bones and muscles. High-quality ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, collagen, and omega-3 fatty acids help maintain healthy cartilage, joint, tendons, and synovial fluid – all necessary for joint flexibility.

Our Canine Athlete C9 Senior Aches formula is the natural way to aid the dog whose heart is in the game but whose body is facing the reality of stiffness, sore muscles, and joints that don’t move the way they used to. The all-natural blend dulls the pain that comes with a job well done.

Recommended for senior dogs (8 years or older), Senior Aches easy-to-serve wafers are aspirin-free and can be used daily to reduce the discomfort caused by natural aging and daily living. The special blend includes all-natural white willow bark and glucosamine, a major building block for the lubricants and shock-absorbing mechanisms necessary to maintain and restore joint performance.

Our Canine Athlete Digestive Enzymes formula maximizes the benefits of your sporting dog’s feed. After all, a healthy dog is an energetic dog, and that means top performance during training and hunting. Maintaining a healthy intestinal tract is key to helping your dog get the entire benefit from high-quality food.

This advanced formula of five digestive enzymes focuses on the breakdown and absorption of protein, carbs, starch, fats, and fiber. It also contains both a prebiotic and probiotic to aid digestion within the colon. Pre-measured, easy-to-serve wafers ensure you’re providing optimum digestive support.

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