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The complete SportDOG Brand Remote Launcher System.

What You Need to Know About the SportDOG Launcher

We are proud to announce that the SportDOG Brand® Remote Launcher System is hitting stores near you. We have information about the latest in our dog training line on our website. Currently, these are not available for purchase directly from us, but they are hitting shelves at brick and mortar and online retailers across the Read the Rest…

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Four Legged Soldiers

One of the greatest benefits of working at SportDOG is that we get to hear a lot of outstanding stories about amazing dogs. Every story is awesome, but every once in a while we run across one that we can’t help but share. One of our customers shared with us the story of how one Read the Rest…

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Hunting on Horseback

How to Win the Wild Quail Hunt of a Lifetime

As you probably already know, we are offering SportDOG customers the chance to win an ALL-EXPENSE-PAID wild quail hunt with our team. Our “Work for Us” for a Weekend contest gives you the opportunity to join the SportDOG team on a hunt at Sinkola Plantation in Thomasville, GA. You’ll hunt with us on horseback or Read the Rest…

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Lab in Summer

Summer Hazards: 5 Precautions for Your Hunting Dog

Spring brings with it warmer weather and a prettier view, but it can also bring with it new hazards for your dog. From heat exhaustion to toxic plants, there are several things that could hinder your and your dog’s experience outside. These tips will help make sure you and your hunting partner stay safe in Read the Rest…

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Recipes from the Field

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know that occasionally we like to share some of our favorite recipes. Despite popular belief, we can cook. We’re actually pretty daggone good at it, and we assume many of you are as well. Why? Because it just goes with hunting. We worked hard to Read the Rest…

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Hunting Dog in Winter

6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter

As winter approaches (though very slowly in some regions) it’s time to consider new hazards your dog may face in winter. These 6 tips will help you and your dog enjoy a safe and happy winter: Limit Exposure- Do not leave your dog outside for extended lengths of time without access to warmer shelter. While Read the Rest…

SportDOG Game Fair Booth

Getting to Game Fair 2012

Game Fair, held every year near Anoka, MN, is a favorite for the SportDOG crew. The setting is beautiful, the events are great and the seminars are fantastic. The best part of Game Fair though, is that we get to be out there with you guys, our consumers. Getting to show you all our latest Read the Rest…

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Training Dummies

Training Your Retriever to Dummies

Training a retriever can be one of the most rewarding experiences any hunter can have. There are no secrets involved: just patience, repetition, perseverance, consistency and the ability to anticipate reaction. In short, the trainer needs to be just a little smarter than his pupil. This is not always as easy as it sounds. The Read the Rest…

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Boykin spaniel retrieving a rooster

Tower Shoots: An Avid Bird hunter and Dog Trainer’s Point of View

It used to be that if you wanted to experience this style of hunt it involved a ticket across the pond and a hefty fee to get access to one of the many amazing wingshooting estates in Europe.  Then there is the issue of dress:  tweed jackets, ties, tattersall shirts, breeks and of course your Read the Rest…

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Bagging Your Pheasant and Eating It, Too

In the prime of wetland season here, we shared with you some of our favorite duck recipes. We got some great responses from a lot of your about your favorite recipes, as well as some requests for pheasant recipes. In honor of Pheasant Fest 2012, and of getting some birds out of our deep freezers, Read the Rest…

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