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5 Reasons to Own a Hunting Dog

If you already own a hunting dog you know there are a million reasons to do so. If it’s a decision you’ve been debating, we’ve pooled our TOP 5 REASONS why should go ahead and pull the trigger bring home that pup. Health – Ever heard the expression “if your dog’s out of shape, you’re Read the Rest…

Lynn Frady Dog

Where to Start with a Finished Dog

I get clients from time to time that want a dog that is already well on its way to being trained. They don’t want to go through puppyhood and all the pleasures of house breaking, chewing, obedience, and those razor sharp teeth. No, they want a dog that is between 9 and 12 months old Read the Rest…

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Sporting Dogs and Fatty Acids

Hiking across the parched cholla-choked Colorado prairie the other day toting my smoothbore, I was admiring my cover-dog setter gracefully maneuvering the prickly-pear and whatnot obstacles found in scaled quail country. Eyeballing the GPS, Gretchen had already covered 49 miles in a day and a half of prairie cruising add that distance to the past Read the Rest…

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5 Reasons Your Child Needs a Hunting Dog

It should come as no surprise that we’d encourage everyone to have a dog. They’re kind of the basis of everything we do, and we love it. Most of us have had dogs since we were kids. Many of us would tell you that our dog was one of the best parts of childhood. That’s Read the Rest…

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SportDOG ProStaffer Lynne Frady.

The Evolution of Dog Training: Communication is Key

When I started training I was young and green, there were not many training groups in my area to work with, just a few older gentlemen that got together once a month to train. I can’t complain because they welcomed a snot-nosed girl to train with them and I did learn a lot. The men Read the Rest…

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Gear to a Good Cause

Here at SportDOG we are very protective of our Brand, we recently found that our gear bags “blaze orange” wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, so rather than scrap the otherwise great gear bags we decided to donate the bags to the men and women of our armed forces.  Below is a story we Read the Rest…

SportDOG ProStaffer Lynne Frady showing off just a couple of her many awards.

E-Collars: Finding the Right One and Using it Correctly

I’m not sure if any other training tool stirs a debate like e-collars. Some people love them and others think they were made by the devil himself. This leaves many novices confused about what they’re getting into with an e-collar. After years of training and experience, I can officially tell you, it’s a training tool. Read the Rest…

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Retriever coming through the field.

5 Ways to Improve Hunting Photos

Let me be honest: I am not a professional photographer. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to capture some good images, but it’s been luck of the draw. As a writer I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of excellent photographers and they have kindly offered me some constructive tips. When I look at Read the Rest…

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Shawn Wayment, DVM, working on a dog in the field.

Skin Laceration Repair in the Field

There is nothing finer than being afield in autumn’s country with bird dogs.  The whir of wings as a covey of scaled quail erupts from the sand sage can stir the cholesterol from the morning’s greasy-spoon-country-dinner breakfast.  Gun smoke clears the air as the setter climbs through the taut five-stranded barbed wire fence retrieving the Read the Rest…

Tom's daughter Morgan with her setter Albert.

Handing Over the Reins…or Check Cords

Time marches on, we all know that.  A new generation grabbing the reins is exciting and terrifying, all at the same time.  There is a bittersweet part of handing over the reins, the transmitters, and the check cords.  The bitter part is that it means that we’re getting older.  The sweet part is that we Read the Rest…

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