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Teaching the Down Command

Down, sometimes referred to as the Down Stay command, is a Strong Control Command.  Down is an essential Command for all types of working and non-working dogs.  The command can be used in a boat, blind, or field. I find it very useful after the hunt, to check the dog for injuries or removing burrs. Read the Rest…

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Keeping Steady at Retriever Trials

It’s game day. So, now what? It’s early on a Saturday morning; you pull into the test grounds excited to see how you and your retriever handle the judges set ups this weekend. This is a common occurrence at hunt tests across the country; unfortunately another common occurrence is that the well-behaved and under-control retriever Read the Rest…

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Five Essentials of Gun Dog Training

Dog training, especially gun dog training, lies somewhere between a science and an art form. There are basic canine behaviors to be acknowledged and worked with to bring out the full advantages of a dog’s natural instincts, and a certain finesse to being able to adjust your training to a dog’s temperament and learning curve. Read the Rest…

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