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Hunting Dog

Proper Foot Care for Your Dog in the Season

For many of us, season is here. You and your pup have worked hard for this, and it’s time to enjoy it. Nothing can end that fun quicker for you and your dog than a foot injury. The following tips will help keep your hunting partner fit and ready for the season: Keep Nails Trimmed- Read the Rest…

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A Day for the Working Man, Woman and Dog

Labor Day weekend is a chance to kick back, relax and celebrate the hard-working men and women amongst us. Remember, though, your dog is a SportDOG, which means he/she is a hard working canine. Our dogs work hard for us and they deserve to play hard as well. Below are a few ideas to include Read the Rest…

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Dog wearing SportDOG TEK Series

Is Your Dog Ready for Opening Day?

One of our pups rocking the TEK series at our last trip to Sinkola Hunting Plantation in Georgia. For many, opening day is right around the corner. While this is the day many of us have been waiting on for months, it’s important to not get so caught up in the anticipation that you forget Read the Rest…

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Hunting dog on a boat.

Platform Training Your Hunting Dog

One of the most useful training concepts for your retriever is platform training. This lesson is one that to me is an absolute necessity.  There are endless applications for platform training or place training as some call it. First, you will need some sort of platform that is large enough for your dog to sit Read the Rest…

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Dog on the hunt

Making Sure Your Dog is Ready for Season

For many of us, opening day is just around the corner (44 days for those of us in East Tennessee). Make sure you and your dog are ready for it. These simple guidelines can help you make the most of the off-season: 1.       Maintain a Balanced Diet During season; it’s easy to remember to feed Read the Rest…

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Breeze on Her First Scent Point

Playing vs. Training: The Do’s and Don’ts of Training Your Gun Dog

When you get your pup at seven or eight weeks everything you do with him is a learning experience. This includes the walks in the yard with new smells, petting and cuddling with you and the kids and even the games you play in the front room. Puppies love to play tug-of-war. This is the Read the Rest…

David Siple - SportDOG ProStaff

Summer Training for Hunitng Dogs

Just like when we go to the shooting range to remain sharp and improve our skills, so must we set aside some time to ensure our dog remains sharp and ready for the fall hunting season, that inevitably comes faster than we realize. In addition to having “work” time with your dog, make sure you Read the Rest…

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Dog on Shaded Hiking Trail

Top 3 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

Summer is upon us, which means there’s even more reason to be out in nature with your pup. Whether you’re fishing, training, camping, hunting or hiking, we have a few tips to keep in mind when bringing along your four-legged friend. These simple suggestions will make sure you and your furry bud can have a Read the Rest…

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High Risk Lyme Disease Chart

Lyme Disease-Keeping You and Your Dog Safe in the Field

While there is nothing better than a day in the wild with your dog, it does come with its risks. One of these is Lyme disease. Most every outdoorsman is familiar with this tick-transmitted disease, but what you might not be aware of is that it is on the rise. According to the Center for Read the Rest…

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The Golden Rules of Dog Training

Dog training is an art man has been trying to perfect since the domestication of canines. There are almost as many theories on dog training as there are on raising children. Many of these theories are effective and having multiple options allows you to tailor your training to your dog. No two dogs are exactly Read the Rest…

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