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Canine Mouth

Proper Dental Care for Your Dog

You put a lot into your dog’s health. Make sure you don’t mess up any of your good work by overlook a vital part of your dog’s wellness regimen: Dental Care. Dogs accumulate plaque and other germs just the same as humans do and these can pose serious health risks to your dog if gone Read the Rest…

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Caring for Aging Hunting Dogs

There are many advantages to hunting with an older dog. They’ve got tons of experience in the field so it’s hard to catch them by surprise, you know each other well after years hunting together, they tend to be more patient and less judgmental when you miss your target…the list goes on and on. However, Read the Rest…

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Yellow Lab

Forever Young: The Truth About Aging Hunting Dogs

We get a lot of questions about safe ages for hunting dogs. The truth is, there is no expiration date on your dog’s time in the field. Like people, dogs age differently in terms of health and sustainable activity levels. One dog might hunt til the day he dies while another is forced out of Read the Rest…

Chocolate Lab

Leading the Pack

Spring time is upon us (at least that’s what the weather people are telling us) which often means new puppies to train. As you begin working with your new little hunting buddy, it’s important to remember that dogs are pack animals, and as such look for a leader. If it’s not you, it’s him and Read the Rest…


Training Retrieve to Hand

We often lean on our ProStaff when we run into difficulty training. ProStaffer Ben Busby has provided insight on training the critical “Retrieve to Hand”  in this week’s blog. I have heard of different gun dog owners making the statement that their dogs have been retrieving but sometimes will stop short of placing it in Read the Rest…

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Gretchen and Fern training

10 Mistakes in Gun Dog Training and How Not to Make Them – Part 2

Not Adapting to the Dog No two dogs are exactly the same. Like children, they all learn differently, have differing strengths and have that free-will thing that can leave you grinding your teeth in frustration. What worked like a charm on the last dog might not get through to your current dog, and that’s ok. Read the Rest…

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English Setter on Point

10 Mistakes in Gun Dog Training and How Not to Make Them – Part 1

The best thing about the years that ourselves and our ProStaffers have spent training dogs is that we’ve made the mistakes. We preach the value of mistakes because you will learn from them even more than your successes, but there’s no reason you can’t learn from ours. We constantly hammer on the values of consistency, Read the Rest…

Josh and Eastong

Traveling with Your Hunting Dog

Hunting season brings many of us the opportunity to travel in pursuit of game. This is a great opportunity for you and your dog to explore new territory and challenges. One of those challenges can be getting your dog comfortably from point A to point B. Travel can be stressful for your pup, and that Read the Rest…

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Dog and Trainer in March

The Zen of Dog Training

For many, setting out to start training your first dog can be an intimidating experience. Whether your goal is to make it a career, or you’re just looking for a good hunting partner, there can be a lot of insecurities and doubt in taking the first step. Below are a few steps to remove the Read the Rest…

Tom Dokken

Tom Dokken’s Top 10 Tips for Dog Training

Senior ProStaffer Tom Dokken has forgotten more about dog training than most of us will ever know, so it’d be almost impossible to get everything in one place, but Tom shared some of his Top 10 Tips for dog training: 1. Never give a command you cannot enforce. If you do your, dog will develop Read the Rest…

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