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How In-Ground Fences Help with Hunting Dogs

In-Ground containment fences are becoming more and more popular among dog owners, and for good reason: they allow your dog to enjoy freedom in the yard without the expense, hassle, and eye sore of a fence. On their own those are great reasons to consider a fence, but these containment systems offer even more benefits Read the Rest…


Hunting Hack: Save Space and Time

Hunting is a very bulky sport. We require a lot of equipment a lot of equipment both in the field and in training our dogs. All of it can be cumbersome to keep up with for a normal household. Space is a luxury most of us are quickly running out of in our homes, and Read the Rest…

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puppy training

Handlers, Dogs, Children…they’re all like an Electric Trolling Motor

Training dogs is a lot like raising children: You’ve got a great plan for a perfect world, but the world isn’t perfect. You’ve got to be able to adapt and change and be ready for whatever the field throws at you. Outdoor writer and guest blogger Tom Keer shares his recent reminder in patience and Read the Rest…

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dog trainers

5 Things Dog Trainers Do Best

Dog trainers are a one of kind. We all come from different backgrounds, careers, and experiences. We have different styles and beliefs about what we do, but still, there are a few things we all share. We all share some pretty awesome strengths. Here are some top 5 places where we shine: 5. Get Up Read the Rest…

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Wetland ProStaffer Andy Fotenot enjoying a day in the field.

You and Your Hunting Dog: Growth Seasons

Well, it is September 1st, 2014 on a crisp Sunday morning I sit in my living room with plenty of thoughts going through my mind. In my neck of the woods (SW Washington) fall is in the air. Early goose season starts soon and duck season is right around the corner. As a professional trainer, Read the Rest…

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Lynne's black lab, Nighty, working on sit and having fun with another dog in for training.

Sit Means What?

I have witnessed a lot of changes in dog training over the years, some good and some bad. One of the things that I have seen in recent years is the “sit” command has changed. When I began training “sit” meant sit. Simple, it meant for pup to place her hind quarters on the ground. Read the Rest…

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Water spigot on the simple system Bob created.

Simple Trick to Keeping Your Dog Hydrated When Hunting

Conditioning and hunting dogs in the hot months of summer and early season requires that we are careful about hydration. No doubt about it, my dogs will drink from the nastiest mud puddle in the field, but I prefer that they do not. Stagnant water in the field could carry germs and disease that I Read the Rest…

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Tom's daughter Morgan with her setter, Albert.

Working with Different Dogs

I’m a setter man. I’ve owned Irish setters and English setters, and some day I’ll probably own a Gordon setter. I like the way they hunt with their heads held high, their energy, and their biddable natures. Setters like people, and even better than that they like having a job to do. Yeah, they’re a Read the Rest…

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In-ground fences are safe and effective ways to keep your hunting dog in a safe area.

Training Your Hunting Dog to an In-Ground Fence

In-ground fence containment systems have risen dramatically in popularity over the years, and there’s good reason. In-ground fences are safe and effective devices for keeping your dog in a safe area. Most dogs take to this very quickly, especially hunting dogs that are used to E-Collar training. In fact, If you’ve been properly using an Read the Rest…

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Make sure your dog is ready for the field by making the most of your spring training time.

Spring Training for Your Gun Dog

The warm weather is upon us and the dogs are no longer content to spend time inside. It’s time to be working and getting ready for season. Polar vortexes may have limited your ability to be out this winter, so it’s very important to be out now enjoying the sunshine and time with your favorite Read the Rest…

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