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In-ground fences are safe and effective ways to keep your hunting dog in a safe area.

Training Your Hunting Dog to an In-Ground Fence

In-ground fence containment systems have risen dramatically in popularity over the years, and there’s good reason. In-ground fences are safe and effective devices for keeping your dog in a safe area. Most dogs take to this very quickly, especially hunting dogs that are used to E-Collar training. In fact, If you’ve been properly using an Read the Rest…

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Shawn Wayment, DVM, working on a dog in the field.

Skin Laceration Repair in the Field

There is nothing finer than being afield in autumn’s country with bird dogs.  The whir of wings as a covey of scaled quail erupts from the sand sage can stir the cholesterol from the morning’s greasy-spoon-country-dinner breakfast.  Gun smoke clears the air as the setter climbs through the taut five-stranded barbed wire fence retrieving the Read the Rest…

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Conservation, Preservation and Education

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Pheasants Forever Ashland County Chapter. Ashland County won second place in our Future Forward Fund contest last year. The project was to purchase a new tractor to help maintain the multiple parks and wildlife areas the Chapter volunteers care for regularly. I faced an 8 Read the Rest…

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Make sure your dog is ready for the field by making the most of your spring training time.

Spring Training for Your Gun Dog

The warm weather is upon us and the dogs are no longer content to spend time inside. It’s time to be working and getting ready for season. Polar vortexes may have limited your ability to be out this winter, so it’s very important to be out now enjoying the sunshine and time with your favorite Read the Rest…

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Tom's daughter Morgan with her setter Albert.

Handing Over the Reins…or Check Cords

Time marches on, we all know that.  A new generation grabbing the reins is exciting and terrifying, all at the same time.  There is a bittersweet part of handing over the reins, the transmitters, and the check cords.  The bitter part is that it means that we’re getting older.  The sweet part is that we Read the Rest…

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Finding the Right NoBark Collar for Your Hunting Dog

Our NoBark Collars are famous for helping teach your dog when he/she should be silent and we’ve noted before how a NoBark collar is an excellent tool in gun dog training, but how do you know which one is right for your dog? We offer three models of NoBark collars to allow you to pick Read the Rest…

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The complete SportDOG Brand Remote Launcher System.

What You Need to Know About the SportDOG Launcher

We are proud to announce that the SportDOG Brand® Remote Launcher System is hitting stores near you. We have information about the latest in our dog training line on our website. Currently, these are not available for purchase directly from us, but they are hitting shelves at brick and mortar and online retailers across the Read the Rest…

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Getting out in the wilderness can help ease the signs of hunting season withdrawals.

Season’s Over…Now What

For some, there is no season. Every day of the year brings with it the opportunity to tree a coon. For others, there is a clear end to the days that getting out with the guns and the dogs. These are generally known as “the dark days”. The day after one season closes the countdown Read the Rest…

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Work done in the quail fields can help in the grouse and woodcock coverts.

Improve Your Dog Work by Hunting for a Different Species

If I were to look back on my bird hunting life, the overwhelming amount of my days in the field were spent pursuing Ruffed grouse and woodcock. The focus of my attention has been in New England and Canada, and if I were to drill down even more New Hampshire gets most of my time. Read the Rest…

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The SportDOG Brand Conservation Fund supports National, Regional and Local Conservation Partners to ensure we're still chasing the birds twenty years out of range.

5 Reasons to Join a Conservation Organization

Through our Conservation Fund, we support National, Regional and Local conservation organizations to ensure the future of our sport. These partners, such as Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, Ruffed Grouse Society and Delta Waterfowl just to name a few, dedicate themselves to protecting wildlife habitat, growing game populations and introducing new members to our sport. If Read the Rest…

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