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How Do I Win A Free Started Puppy? Companions for Conservation FAQs

What exactly is the Companions for Conservation Contest? Every year our Conservation Fund completes a contest to raise awareness and funds for important conservation goals. This year, we chose to focus on raising awareness of the importance of youth in our sport and the role of dogs in responsible hunting practices. We thought the best Read the Rest…

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Water spigot on the simple system Bob created.

Simple Trick to Keeping Your Dog Hydrated When Hunting

Conditioning and hunting dogs in the hot months of summer and early season requires that we are careful about hydration. No doubt about it, my dogs will drink from the nastiest mud puddle in the field, but I prefer that they do not. Stagnant water in the field could carry germs and disease that I Read the Rest…

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How You Helped Build TEK 2.0

Hunting season is upon us. Excitement is high for the whole hunting community, but we’d bet no one is quite as pumped as we are about what’s coming this season. TEK 2.0 will be hitting retailers near you this season! It’s hard to fully express how excited we are about this product. We’ve poured our Read the Rest…

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Lance's setter Roxy showing some style in her TEK 2.0.

Field Testing is the Best Part – Development of TEK 2.0

Vice President Lance Tracy was one of the first field testers for our new TEK 2.0 GPS TRACKING+E-COLLAR TRAINING SYSTEM. Lance put the system through the paces several times last season. He took some time to share his experience on our latest and greatest: The best part of being Vice President of SportDOG Brand® products Read the Rest…

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Be ready for the field on Opening Day.

Season is Coming – A Checklist for Opening Day

The most anticipated time of the year is upon us…Opening Day! As you and your hunting buddies plan the first big trip, it’s important to make sure you’re fully ready for what lies ahead. There’s nothing worse than getting out in the field and realizing you’re missing equipment, something got damaged in storage, or worse, Read the Rest…

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SportDOG ProStaffer Lynne Frady.

The Evolution of Dog Training: Communication is Key

When I started training I was young and green, there were not many training groups in my area to work with, just a few older gentlemen that got together once a month to train. I can’t complain because they welcomed a snot-nosed girl to train with them and I did learn a lot. The men Read the Rest…

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Tom's daughter Morgan with her setter, Albert.

Working with Different Dogs

I’m a setter man. I’ve owned Irish setters and English setters, and some day I’ll probably own a Gordon setter. I like the way they hunt with their heads held high, their energy, and their biddable natures. Setters like people, and even better than that they like having a job to do. Yeah, they’re a Read the Rest…

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Good Water Sets Stage for Strong Fall Flight

Our friends at Delta Waterfowl are dedicated to securing the future of ducks and duck hunting. Their efforts seem to be paying off as their most recent research points to a promising hunting season. Delta shared their finding with us and we want to share the good news with you. There’s plenty to celebrate moving Read the Rest…

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Gear to a Good Cause

Here at SportDOG we are very protective of our Brand, we recently found that our gear bags “blaze orange” wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, so rather than scrap the otherwise great gear bags we decided to donate the bags to the men and women of our armed forces.  Below is a story we Read the Rest…

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SportDOG ProStaffer Lynne Frady showing off just a couple of her many awards.

E-Collars: Finding the Right One and Using it Correctly

I’m not sure if any other training tool stirs a debate like e-collars. Some people love them and others think they were made by the devil himself. This leaves many novices confused about what they’re getting into with an e-collar. After years of training and experience, I can officially tell you, it’s a training tool. Read the Rest…

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