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5 Reasons to Own a Hunting Dog

If you already own a hunting dog you know there are a million reasons to do so. If it’s a decision you’ve been debating, we’ve pooled our TOP 5 REASONS why should go ahead and pull the trigger bring home that pup. Health – Ever heard the expression “if your dog’s out of shape, you’re Read the Rest…

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How In-Ground Fences Help with Hunting Dogs

In-Ground containment fences are becoming more and more popular among dog owners, and for good reason: they allow your dog to enjoy freedom in the yard without the expense, hassle, and eye sore of a fence. On their own those are great reasons to consider a fence, but these containment systems offer even more benefits Read the Rest…

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Hunting with Kids

Hunting with kids is an entirely different animal. There are two very important things we must all remember. First, it’s all about the kids, not you. Second, no matter how mature you think a kid is, they do not think like an adult. Let’s look at the first one; it’s the one that takes some Read the Rest…

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Hunting Hack: Save Space and Time

Hunting is a very bulky sport. We require a lot of equipment a lot of equipment both in the field and in training our dogs. All of it can be cumbersome to keep up with for a normal household. Space is a luxury most of us are quickly running out of in our homes, and Read the Rest…

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Lynn Frady Dog

Where to Start with a Finished Dog

I get clients from time to time that want a dog that is already well on its way to being trained. They don’t want to go through puppyhood and all the pleasures of house breaking, chewing, obedience, and those razor sharp teeth. No, they want a dog that is between 9 and 12 months old Read the Rest…

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Tom's daughter Morgan learning about beeper placement.

Holding your Kids’ Attention When They Are Young

When my daughter and son were younger, they both wanted to be firemen. That passion came about after our local Fire Chief Joe and his crew visited their school. The demonstration included an inspection of the fire truck, the helmets, the axes and pike poles, and the siren. I thought about the impact the fireman’s Read the Rest…

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Sporting Dogs and Fatty Acids

Hiking across the parched cholla-choked Colorado prairie the other day toting my smoothbore, I was admiring my cover-dog setter gracefully maneuvering the prickly-pear and whatnot obstacles found in scaled quail country. Eyeballing the GPS, Gretchen had already covered 49 miles in a day and a half of prairie cruising add that distance to the past Read the Rest…

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puppy training

Handlers, Dogs, Children…they’re all like an Electric Trolling Motor

Training dogs is a lot like raising children: You’ve got a great plan for a perfect world, but the world isn’t perfect. You’ve got to be able to adapt and change and be ready for whatever the field throws at you. Outdoor writer and guest blogger Tom Keer shares his recent reminder in patience and Read the Rest…

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dog trainers

5 Things Dog Trainers Do Best

Dog trainers are a one of kind. We all come from different backgrounds, careers, and experiences. We have different styles and beliefs about what we do, but still, there are a few things we all share. We all share some pretty awesome strengths. Here are some top 5 places where we shine: 5. Get Up Read the Rest…

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The Good in Good-Bye

What follows is the touching story of ProStaffer Lynne Frady’s final hunt with her long time friend, Nighty. Nighty was a part of Lynne’s life and the SportDOG family for 10 1/2 years. She will be greatly missed by all that had the opportunity to know her. It’s with a heavy heart that I write Read the Rest…

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