Finding the Right NoBark Collar for Your Hunting Dog

Our NoBark Collars are famous for helping teach your dog when he/she should be silent and we’ve noted before how a NoBark collar is an excellent tool in gun dog training, but how do you know which one is right for your dog? We offer three models of NoBark collars to allow you to pick the best solution for your dog. Below are some helpful tips for choosing the right fit for your dog:

NoBark 6 (SBC-6)


The NoBark 6 is out introductory NoBark Collar. It’s the lowest priced model in our NoBark price range making it an easy purchase if your new to e-collar training. The SBC-6 offers 6 levels of stimulation that adjust automatically and a safety  shut-off feature to prevent overcorrection. The collar only emits a correction when it senses vibration from your dog’s vocal cords helping to ensure your dog is only corrected for his/her bark. Additionally, the SBC-6 has a user replaceable battery. Average battery life is about 3-6 months depending on your dogs barking level. We offer replacement batteries through our website and changing them out is super simple. We highly recommend the SBC-6 for people new to dog e-collar training. It offers enough features to help solve your dog’s problem barking at a low cost and is super simple to use right out of the box.


NoBark (SBC-18)

The NoBark 18is a step up from the SBC-8 offering 18 levels of stimulation. Like the SBC-6, this model can be used right out of the box, but you can select the correction range you think is best for your dog, allowing for a more customized training experience. The SBC-18 also offers the rechargeable battery and safety shut-off with the addition of our Perfect Bark® technology which requires BOTH the vibration of your dog’s vocal cords and sound from your dog to issue a correction, further ensuring that your dog is only receiving stimulation for his/her bark. We recommend the SBC-18 is recommended for advanced-beginning, intermediate and experts in e-collar knowledge and training.

NoBark 10R (SBC-10R)


The NoBark 10R is the top-of-the-line in electronic bark control training. The SBC- 10R features 3 training modes and 10 levels of stimulation to allow further customization of your training. Temperament mode learning increases slight in correction level until you dog stops barking. That level is now set to the starting level. Progressive Correction mode starts at the lowest level and then increases until your dog quits barking. Once your dog quits barking, stimulation returns to the lowest level. Finally, User-Selected Stimulation mode allows you to preset the stimulation level. In addition to these features the SBC-10R is rechargeable. People that use bark collars daily tend to enjoy this feature. It requires slightly more work than a user-replaceable battery because you will have to charge the unit every 24 hours, but you can expect the same battery to work for years. The SBC-10R also includes our Perfect Bark technology and is DRYTEK™ waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet. While the SBC-10R can easily be operated by a beginner, this product is made with the professional in mind. It’s tough enough for any training situation and fully customizable to hit all training needs.

Do you own one of our NoBark collars? What do you like best about it? What’s your advice to anyone searching for the right NoBark for them?

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  1. andyw
    Posted March 24, 2014 at 8:39 am | Permalink

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