Why We Give Thanks – Part 2

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We have the privilege of supporting some amazing local and national partners through our SportDOG Brand Conservation Fund. We are proud to get to help these organization fulfill a mission of protecting the game 20 years out of range.

Our Team- We’re not one’s to brag, but we’re pretty awesome. In all seriousness, we have an awesome group of men and women on our team. We’re all dedicated to the same goal and though it comes with a lot of stress, long hours at work, countless meetings, tight deadlines, etc.,  we all know we’re going through it together. We can count on each other, and most of all, we make work fun. No matter how much a day throws at us, we’re going to end it laughing together…preferably with beer.

Our Conservation Partners- In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, we love hunting and we’d like to keep doing it for the rest of our lives (and are very hopeful Heaven has Always Open Season). To ensure this happens, we have to have champions in conservation out there working to keep game numbers up, habitats prime and hunter education high. We’re incredibly proud of every organization we work with and trust they’ll keep us hunting until long after we’re fit to do so.

Our Game- If there weren’t birds, coons, lions, rabbits, etc. to chase not only would we be out of jobs, we’d be out of our favorite way to spend the day. Not to mention we’d have much less happy dogs. We give thanks for all the animals that give us a reason to get out of bed too early and get into it too late.

Our ProStaff- We’ve said it before, but we can never say it enough: these guys and gals are the absolute best in the business. They are all insanely busy hunting, training, competing and guiding, but they still take time out of their lives to help us field test products, brain storm what the industry needs and give 100% honest (and often brutal) feedback about where our products are and where they need to go.

Our Customers- This is the big one. Without you all we wouldn’t have the vast majority of the items on this list. You all are the driving force that keeps this team together and keeps us doing our best. We are so thankful for you feedback, participation in our communities and (most of all) your support. You all make all of this possible and there is not enough thank-yous in the world to express how much that means to us.

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  1. Raymond Greiner
    Posted June 16, 2014 at 5:24 pm | Permalink

    I am delighted with your training collars. I’m not a hunter (was when I was a kid growing up in the 50s) but I enjoy hiking in national and state forests. I have two dogs, a smooth coat border collie and an Australian shepherd. These two are fabulous dogs and highly intelligent, but I use the collars to keep them close and not run off into the woods after a stray animal. These collars are truly a wonderful tool for human-dog interaction. Thank you for
    developing these collars. Raymond

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