Why We Give Thanks-Part 1

Category Manager Darrell Douglas and his dog out on one of our field test excursions earlier this season.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This year, we are celebrating our 10th Thanksgiving as a brand. In honor of this important milestone, we are sharing the Top 10 things SportDOG is grateful for this season.

Our Anniversary- We’re 10 Years Old! In 2003, SportDOG was created with hope that our passion and dedication to all things hunting dogs would translate into a successful brand. When we entered the market, many people told us we would fail. “There’s too much competition”, “passion can only take you so far”, “there aren’t enough dedicated hunters out there” and so on, but here we are 10 years later. Turns out passion gets further than some might think.

Our Field Test Excursions- We all have different reasons why we love working for SportDOG, but we guarantee you “getting paid to hunt” is pretty high up on everyone’s list. To make sure our products work in the field, we’ve got to design them in the field and test them in the field. It’s the definition of a win-win-win situation. We get to hunt, you get products you know are going to survive in the field and our dogs get to help out at the “office”.

Our Contests- We have gotten to do some pretty awesome contests this year and that’s been a great time for us. Our “Work for Us for a Weekend” Contest allowed us to see a lot of you all at your best in the field, and we’ll get the chance to go hunting with the winners in December.  We got to grant $25,000 to the very deserving Pheasants Forever Pollinator Project, and we got to see some awesome pictures from our Featured Fan contest. We hope you guys have as much fun with these as we did, and look forward to more in the near future.

Our dogs- These guys and girls are what got us in business. They selflessly help us test every product we make. They go on every field test excursion, they stay patient when we’ve got to be tied to a desk for a while (well, mostly patient). They are the inspiration that got SportDOG started and they stick by us throughout this whole crazy ride.

Our Products- Every member of our team uses our products at home and in the field. They help keep our dogs safe, help us communicate with them in the field and generally make our lives and our dogs’ lives a little easier.

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