Gun Powder and Lead

Emaleigh showing off her first deer. She’s absolute proof that little girls are made of gunpowder and lead.

As a female hunter, I get really stoked to get to see other women down their first game…especially when they come in the form of my little cousin Emaleigh. If you were to see her on the street you would think Emaleigh is something of a princess. She’s always well put together and the girl has more style in her little 9  year-old pinky than I have in my entire body. Her favorite things include shoes, make-up and her pink camouflage rifle. That’s right. Don’t let her good looks fool you. Beneath that pretty blond hair is a hunter’s heart. Emaleigh has been on several hunts and taken aim at many deer, but never successfully hit one…until now. A few weeks ago, Emaleigh was finally able to claim a kill as her very own. Below is the story of her first deer in her own words:

“We went out for a weekend of hunting. We went Saturday and we seen 3 deer, but they were too far away. We went hunting Sunday morning. Before we left to go home, I turned around and saw a BIG doe. I said ‘Dad! Get my gun!’. It is painted camo pink and it is my favorite gun. I shot it once and missed. I shot it a second time and it fell down for 5 minutes. Then it jumped up and ran in the thicket. Dad said ‘Let’s go’, and we got out of the shooting house and went to find it. I was so scared to get out of the shooting house because I thought it would bite and trample us, but we found it trying to get up. I found it in the scope and shot it and it died! I was so excited to kill my first deer!”

You have never seen a little girl as excited as Emaleigh was when she hit that deer. Immediately after the deer fell the first time she squealed in delight and jumped on her dad for the biggest proudest hug you’ve ever seen. Watching her reaction to getting her first kill is a far cooler feeling than I’ve ever gotten out of downing my own kills…and I get a pretty darn good feeling outta that.

What about the kiddos in you family? Did they have any first kill stories this year? Share them with us.

Eleanor Marshall is the Marketing Specialist for our team. She joined SportDOG over 4 years ago. She is the proud mother of a 6 year old boy who can’t wait to join his older cousins in the field and enjoys bragging about her younger family members whenever the chance arises. She has a 12 year old beagle named Blitz and hopes to add a new pup to the brood in the near future.

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