Future Forward Fund 2013

Our Future Forward Fund Grant Contest gives conservationists the chance to win $25,000 to complete their conservation project.

This year we are excited to announce that we will no longer require an application to enter our Future Forward Fund Grant Contest. We know that when you’re working hard on a project it’s difficult to make time to sit in front of a computer and fill out a lengthy application. Since we want everyone out there working hard for conservation to get the chance to win $25,000 to support their project, this year we are simplifying things. Instead of an application, we are asking that you submit a video of your project. We will go live with our submission website on September 1st, 2013 and we will accept videos until September 30th, 2013.

The SportDOG team will pick our 7 favorite projects to be finalists. At that point, we’ll turn the voting over to you guys. The public will have the opportunity to vote on what they feel is the most deserving video. Voting will run from October 15th-November 15th. The project with the most votes will take home $25,000 to complete their project. Second place will get $5,000. Below are the basics of getting started. It’s simple, easy and the reward is HUGE!

Simple Video – We’re not looking for a Spielberg film. This doesn’t need to be a professional project with actresses and green screens. Grab your camcorder or your smart phone and find someone with steady enough hands to keep you in focus. We’re only looking for 1-2 minutes of film highlighting why your conservation project and why it’s worthy of $25,000.

Focus on project – We want to know about your project. Tell us what inspired it. If you’re working with any organizations to help, we want to know. How will this project help your area? How will it help all hunters? If possible, show us examples of the problems and how they can be improved with your efforts. Give us a glimpse of who’s working on them. Anything you think will make your project stand out.

Upload to YouTube – Once you’ve got your video done, you need to get it onto YouTube. If you already have a YouTube channel, you’re probably well versed in this. If not, just head on over to YouTube.com and set up a profile. It’s really simple. Just requires an email address and password. If you’re a part of the Google community, chances are you’re half there already. Follow these directions to upload a video.

Share with Us – On September 1st we will open up our upload your video for entry into the Future Forward Fund Contest. You will need to enter your name, contact information, and the link to your video on YouTube. It’s really simple. The link to the website will be contests.sportdog.com/fff.

Fill Out Release Form – There will be a release form available for you to open and fill out on the contest page. This will need to be completed and returned to emarshall@sportdog.com. This form will verify that the video you’re submitting is, in fact, you’re video. We want your work. Not someone else’s.

Grab your cameras and get those submissions ready. The chance to take home $25k for conservation is only 16 days away!

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