A Day for the Working Man, Woman and Dog

Labor Day weekend is a chance to kick back, relax and celebrate the hard-working men and women amongst us. Remember, though, your dog is a SportDOG, which means he/she is a hard working canine. Our dogs work hard for us and they deserve to play hard as well. Below are a few ideas to include your pup in this weekend’s festivities:

  1. Include your pup in a backyard BBQ-For most of you, this is probably a given, but it can be intimidating to some people to have
    Dogs on a boat
    The lake can be a great way to spend the Labor Day weekend with your pup.

    dogs out around a lot of friends and family. As long as your dog is well trained and enjoys people, he should do fine in this setting. Just make sure to have his e-collar on him and his transmitter on you. If you’re afraid he may be too tempted by food (or other people too tempted to give him food) let him take a break to a side yard, the house or his crate while the majority of the food is out. If your pup has social anxiety, it’s best to keep them out of this kind of celebration as it will not be fun when they’re terrified. Otherwise, let your dog enjoy your company because your company will enjoy them.

  2. Get Them on the Boat- This one is a given for all of us wetland hunters. Most dogs enjoy the thrill of a nice ride on a pretty day, whether in the car or on the water. Our products our DRYTEK® waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet, so your pup can wear her collar with no fear of damaging it. So, get on the water and enjoy the day.
  3. Do Nothing- Everybody enjoys a chance to do absolutely nothing. If you intend to take a full day off, consider giving you dog the day off with you. He’ll be a great partner in lazy crime and the time off will ensure he’s rested and ready for you next day out.

One point of consideration for the holiday is dogs and fireworks, especially young dogs. Fireworks are a traditional form of celebration for the Labor Day holiday, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just be sure to keep the fireworks a safe distance from any dog. Also, take dogs that have not been trained to loud noises inside. You’d hate a fun celebration to gun shy a pup.

We hope these tips helps you and you dog enjoy a long and happy Labor Day weekend!

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