Taking Gold at NASHDA 2012-The Big 5 with Linda Profant

Linda Profant

Junior Division World Champion Linda Profant with her champ Kyah at the NASHDA World Championship in Northfield, MN.

This past weekend, April 22st-23rd, the NASHDA World Shed Dog Hunting Championship took place at ProStaffer Tom Dokken’s Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield, MN. Our own Josh Miller and Clay Thompson were there for a second straight year. Josh took home the World Champion title last year with his faithful brown lab, Easton. While neither of our guys brought home the big wins this year, we were all impressed by the passion, commitment and skill of the contenders, including Tiffany Lakosky of the Crush with Lee and Tiffany, as well as Tiffany’s mom, Linda Profant. In her first year in competition, Linda brought home the World Championship Title in the Junior Division with dog, Kyah. Linda, a SD-400 user, made a great impression with the SD crew, not for using our product, but because she is an enthusiastic and humble lady who exudes passion for the sport and outdoors. Linda graciously granted us some of her time to answer questions about all things shed hunting.

How long have you been shed hunting?

Linda: I have only been shed hunting for about 4 years.  Had never done it until I moved to Iowa 5 years ago. Now I am a full blown addict! It is 10 times more fun with Kyah! I get more excited to see her find the sheds than when I find them.

Lee and Tiffany took home both the Junior and Amateur titles last year with Tank. Did they help you training Kyah?

Linda: I can always learn from Lee & Tiffany!  Especially Lee!  He has taught me about areas that will be good to look for sheds like south facing slopes. When we all go shed hunting Lee takes Tank and Tiffany and I take Kyah.

What advice would you give to others that are new to the sport or thinking about giving it a try?

Linda: Oh, I have no advice other than to just get out there and do it with your dog.  We play hide the shed everyday at home and Kyah usually has a shed in her mouth if she is outside.  She will bug you or anyone who is here to please throw it so she can find and retrieve it! I guess if I had any advice I would encourage people to have their dog trained at Dokken’s as they do an incredible job.

Will we see you and Kyah at more Shed Hunting events in the future?

Linda: I sure hope to have Kyah compete in next years shed dog event. It is the only one I am aware of.

And because we love Tiffany, we have to ask: What do you think about the Crush? Growing up did you every suspect Tiffany would be such an avid hunter and outdoor celebrity?

Linda: Oh my no!  We never could have imagined when Tiffany was little that she would be doing what she is! We didn’t have a hunting family.  We fished all the time at our cabin in Aitkin MN, but never hunted.

I am in the thick of Lee & Tiffany’s everyday life and I still am in awe of what they do and how hard they work! People say they are celebrities but I have never seen them act any different than 10 years ago!! They are just doing what they love and are lucky enough to be able to make a living from it.

Win and Duchess

Win Mitchell and his double champ Duchess at the NASHDA Shed Dog World Championship.

Linda wasn’t the only big winner of the weekend. Win Mitchell, an SD-1825 user and his dog Duchess took home the Amateur and Open World Championships. Congratulations to Linda, Win, Kyah and Duchess for an outstanding showing and also to Tiffany Lakosky who brought home Runner-Up in both the Amateur and Open divisions with her dog, Tank. This year was the best so far, and we’re sure it’s only going to get better from here. To find out more about shed hunting, visit sheddogtrainer.com and be sure to tune into the Crush to keep up with Lee, Tiffany and Linda.

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