The New SportDOG TEK 1.0 GPS Tracking+E-Collar System

Janice Mills and Hulu

Janice Mills, owner of Barker Brook's Beagles, with FC Barker Brook's Hare Raising HUlu with

I would like to say a few words about what I want & need when I cut my dogs loose.  We hunt as well as field trial so we spend a lot of time running and training our beagles.  When you spend as much time as we do with dogs it is very important to have a product that you can count on.  I feel that we now have this after years of using the latest product put out by so many companies over the years.  For the last past 6 months I have been using the new SportDOG TEK Series GPS Tracking + E- Collar and can’t say enough about it.  I love the fact that when I cut my beloved beagles loose I feel confident I will know where they are & have complete control of them at all times.

I wear reading glasses and could not see other products handheld devices without them.  I don’t need glasses for long distance so I don’t wear them to hunt.  This creates a problem for me with other units that I have tried to use in the past. The new SportDOG GPS system has a lighted screen (activated by a button on the side) that I can see clearly without my reading glasses. In my case, this is very handy because it is very difficult to shoot while wearing reading glasses.

Recently we have added 2 more collars to the system.  I am running 3 dogs off this system and can see them all very clearly.  I love the fact that this is a very easy to use product. There is not all kinds of clutter on the screen, just the dogs, where they are and how far they are from us.  I can’t get over how you now can have a toner, e-collar and GPS all on one collar!!  When you have invested time and money in dogs, then cut them loose in the wild you want to feel confident in a product that their lives depend on.  I feel that I have that with the new SportDOG system GPS tracking + E-Collar series.  I highly recommend this system… can’t live with out it… love it!!

Janice Mills

Barker Brook Beagles


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