Steve Grossman

Staples, MN


Turning pro in 1979, Steve has trained all breeds of gun dogs, however in 1984 after starting his own hunt club and guiding business he began to specialize in pointing breeds and English Setters, with a focus on grouse and woodcock dogs.  Setters soon became a niche which lead Steve to become head trainer for Burnt Creek Setters from 1986-1991. It was during his time with Burnt Creek that the setters proved their worth as a grouse dog, the rest is history. The Double Gun Bird Hunts began in 1987 offering high end wild bird, bird hunts behind a brace of Steve’s setters.  The signature hunt is based in MN offering ruffed grouse and woodcock hunts. Our other bird hunts are in SD, KS and OK where our setters and dog work have become our greatest asset. 

Steve has given seminars for Purina throughout the U.S. and been guest presenter at the Grand National Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunt, Grand National Quail Hunt, Prairie Grouse International -Biologist Conference and the North America Falconers Conference on numerous occasions.

Why I Use SportDOG®

Having been in the business for 30+ years, I’ve used every type of E-collar, beepers and electronics worth using. In our business dependability is first on the list, simple use is second and people who understand what I need, true customer support. I’ve come to find this with SportDOG. A great list of products, dependability, and customer support is what SportDOG has shown me.  With any type of electronics things will break, how the company handles the issue is what sets them apart, SportDOG has been great. The people and staff are a big part of their success.
SportDOG has proven to really care about the customer! A year ago a good friend had an issue with an antenna that broke on his transmitter. He called them telling of his troubles and that he was heading to SD for a bird hunt. SportDOG got the name of where he was staying and when Mark got to his hotel the replacement was there waiting for him. That’s caring and service!

Favorite Products

I use the Upland Hunter 1875 with beeper in a hunter orange color and the SDR add on collar allowing me to run 2 dogs, and the use of beepers on both dogs. In grouse cover I run a bell on each dog as a locator and beeper in point mode only, each with a separate tone. From the transmitter I can turn the beeper on or off as I approach the dog, allowing me to flush in total quiet.  With other upland hunts these units give me the opportunity to choose a variety of tones on the beeper so I can distinguish individual dogs, whether it is a run and point mode or a point only mode - all programmable from the transmitter. For example, dog 1 uses a single low tone beep, and dog 2 uses a different tone or double beep of my choice to define individual dogs. This allows hunters to get to the pointing dog as quickly as possible with the ability to turn the beeper off while flushing the bird, and to turn it back on without having to handle the dog.


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