Brian Spini

Rural Lane, KS


Brian grew up hunting with his uncles. He shot his first rabbit when he was 9 years old, and he has been in love with the outdoors ever since. Brian has raised Beagles since 1989 and just started competing in Beagle field trials in 2007. In that short time he has finished hounds in the American Rabbit Hound Association (ARHA), the Gundog Pack Grand Rabbit Champion, Gundog Brace Rabbit Champion, and Gundog Bench Grand Champion. He also has the 2010 ARHA Gundog Pack Hound of the Year and Reserve Hound of the Year andmany top 5 wins on all his hounds. In 2010 he started competing in the American Kennel Club (AKC) Small Pack Option (SPO) Trials. Brian is the President and Co-Founder of the Eastern Kansas Beagle Club which holds both AKC and ARHA Beagle Field trials.

Most importantly, he hunts over all his hounds and has harvested hundreds of rabbits. According to Brian, if the hounds can't do what they were bred to do, then all the trophies and titles in the world don't mean a thing. He is a guide for Dry Creek Outfitters in South East Kansas and guides wild rabbit hunts over his hounds on private property.

When he is not beagling he runs a trap line every fall, hunts deer and turkeys, and fishes for Bass, Crappie and Catfish with his wife and boys. His son Epi is an AKC Junior Handler. All of his outdoor activities include his sons; he believes in the "Pass it On" program and tries to do all he can to get youth interested in the outdoors.

Why I Use SportDOG™ Brand

When training a pack of young hounds in the wild, you need to know your equipment will not fail. If your pack gets on off game, such as deer, you need to stop the race. You only get one shot at it! SportDOG E-collars have never let me down. When we said we needed a 6 dog system with tone and a good range, SportDOG answered with the Hound Hunter 3225.

Favorite Products

I have used the SD-2500 for 3 years, having upgraded to the Hound Hunter 3225. We also use the No-Bark 6 for hounds that need kennel manners.


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