Andy Schoeberl

Lennox, SD


Andy has been an avid outdoorsmen since he was a small child and has been hunting since he was old enough to shoot a gun. He began hunting with Labrador Retrievers 10 years ago and took a guiding position. Andy took great pride in the first retriever he trained and continued to train his own retrievers for many years, until it gradually turned into a full time position. He has been training professionally for 6 years. Andy has trained many breeds but focuses mainly on Labrador Retrievers running AKC and APLA (American Pointing Labrador Association) hunt tests. High Caliber Labradors offers puppies, a stud service, and  professional training for both gundogs and hunt test dogs with basic through advanced training.

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The team's commitment to have the best e-collar on the market and a wide variety of products for personal and professional use.

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