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SportDOG Team

In an industry seemingly overcrowded with electronic dog training products, Radio Systems’ renewed venture into the sporting dog market with the creation of SportDOG Brand® in 2003 might have appeared to be driven only by misguided ambition. However, that was far from the case. Our broad line of superior products is the result of focusing on a promise we made to our customers on day one: we will deliver “Gear the way you’d design it.”®

We have made good on that promise by designing our products in the field-- literally. A concept is nothing more than a concept until we analyze it with challenges such as heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind in mind and in practice. Every sportsman knows such conditions are just part of the hunt. So, once we’ve built a prototype product, it’s back to the field for rigorous testing with input from everyone on our staff. To us, these field sessions are just another day at the office. They are the difference between products that look good on paper or in advertisements and those that actually perform the way you demand.

That’s how we’ve been operating from the beginning. It must have been what the industry needed, because today, just a few short years later, SportDOG Brand is one of the most recognized brands in the electronic dog training category. Our products are known not only for their quality, but also for being the best value for the dollar out there.

More good news for you, our customer, is that we’re just getting started. Recent acquisitions include Invisible Technologies (manufacturer of Innotek products) and Lucky Dog Training Equipment. Such business ventures allow us to add to our product lines and offer more variety. But no matter how fast we grow or how large the SportDOG Brand name becomes, we will never forget our promise to keep making “Gear the way you’d design it.”

To learn more about the SportDOG Brand team and what's new in our innovative product development, follow us on Facebook and get involved in our online community. As part of our community of dedicated hunters and dog lovers, you can post pictures and videos of your latest hunts, post reviews about our products and tell us what you'd like to see in the field, and get breaking news on our latest products and events.


Meet the Pro Team

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Brent Goetzl

New Technology Engineer


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Chris Morgan

Associate Director 


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Clay Thompson

Training Category Manager


# #

Darrell Douglas

Category Manager


# #

Eleanor Marshall

Marketing Specialist


# #

Gretchen Goodson

Marketing Manager


# #

Jason Edwards

Senior Embedded Software Engineer


# #

Jimmy Jameson

Senior Project Manager


# #

Josh Miller

Regional Sales Manager


# #

Kevin Lee

Distributor Sales and ProStaff Manager 


# #

Kevin Zinn

Senior Mechanical Engineer


# #

Lance Tracy

Vice President


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Randy Wacasey

Electrical Engineer


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Steve Kelley

National Sales Manager


Gear The Way You'd Design It