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  1. Youth Pollinator Program - $25,000 Grand Prize Winner -

    Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever's Youth Pollinator Program earned $25,000 grant to fulfill the mission of teaching children about the importance of pollinators to wildlife habitat maintenance. In 2013, the program launched in Nebraska and allowed hundreds of kids to help create habitats that allow pollinating species to thrive. The $25,000 grant from SportDOG will allow the program to expand into South Dakota and Wisconsin while continuing projects in Nebraska. 

  2. Ashland County Pheasants Forever Tractor – $5,000 Runner-Up Winner -

    A $5,000 grant was awarded to the Ashland County Chapter of Pheasants Forever to help purchase new equipment for the many parks the chapter cares for in and around Ashland, OH. The chapter prides itself on bringing habitat conservation to its region. The chapter works diligently to conserve its natural resources for area hunters and outdoorsmen. Through generous donations from members and supporters, the chapter has obtained many great pieces of machinery over the years, but these have been heavily used fulfilling the chapter’s conservation goals.

    This project hopes to provide the Ashland County Pheasants Forever with the equipment it needs to continue to serve its community.  March of 2014, Marketing Specialist Eleanor Marshall made the trek to Wooster, Ohio to meet the Ashland County team for their tractor unveiling. Chapter leaders gave Eleanor a tour of 7 of the 15 parks they upkeep using only volunteer hours from chapter members. Through the SportDOG grant and the hard work of the chapter members, Ashland County now has a tractor that can suit the needs of the area habitats.

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